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5 large food packaging machinery lead the market
Double-click automatically scroll Writer:  update:2010-07-14

    In recent years, the food packaging industry in China developed rapidly, far more than other manufacturing industries. According to experts speculate that a period of time in order to meet future food packaging industry in China's fast development needs, there will be five major food packaging machines dominate the market:
    One bag, filling, sealing packaging machinery. Current domestic production of such machinery manufacturers more than 100, the output reached 15 million units. Bag making, filling, sealing the trend of packaging machinery modular structure, more high-speed, high stability, transmission machinery is simple, adaptive closed-loop control.

    Second, the metal packaging container processing equipment. China metal packaging container processing machinery manufacturing industry has taken shape, first, the development trend of such products to improve product performance, increase yield and material utilization, the second is to accelerate the improvement of product technology, development of mercury-free welding and high-performance high-frequency welding power supplies.

    Third, corrugated boxes (board) production equipment. Over the past decade, China's corrugated box machinery industry developed rapidly, the product categories from the corrugated board line development to printing slotting machine, cardboard gluing machine, cut machine and other varieties of series, the future direction of one high-speed equipment, 2 corrugated cardboard boxes is the light equipment.

    Fourth, pulp molding processing equipment. Processing equipment, paper tableware in China at present is relatively small scale of production, processing equipment, high prices. Pulp mold tableware processing machinery in the future should reduce the cost of forming heated mold, improve heating methods to reduce power consumption costs, increase production and so increase the research.

    Fifth, vacuum packaging machinery. China's many production of vacuum packing machinery to assemble the main, the main variety is mainly semi-automatic operation, automatic continuous, large vacuum chamber and suitable for liquid packaging, vacuum packaging machine small, domestic general lack of efficient, dedicated vacuum packaging machine .

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