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  Product Name:Tableware for shrinking packaging machine
  Description: The packaging machine for the main dishes, plates, Ciwan, spoon and other items of packaging films.
  Product Name:Beverage sets of film shrink packaging machines
  Description: The packaging machine for the local major food, beverage, native products, ceramics and other items of the larger sets of letters cut packaging films.
  Product Name:Automatic cut out sets of heat shrinkable film packaging machine closures
  Description: Aimed at filling the machine after the bottle-shaped drinks for the entire set of membrane sealing cutting out packaging, at the same time and temperature (PE) contraction supporting the use of heaters to achieve the integrity of the packaging materials, the effect of a good shrink.
  Product Name:Door, glass panels, such as heat shrink packaging machine
  Description: This series of models is designed for doors, glass and other sheet-type shrink packaging and design, equipped with high-power electrical transmission, which has a higher carrying capacity.
  Product Name:Automatic Shrink Packing Machine (all closed)
  Description: This machine adopts PLC programmable control, human-machine interface operation. Automatic feeding, film wrap, bag, seal cutting, collection of waste, the whole flat, shrink, packaging, finished a one-time completion.
  Product Name:4020/4035/6040 heat shrinkable packaging machine
  Description: The contraction is widely used in beverage machines, small, light, food, beverages, candy, stationery, arts and crafts, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical supplies, such as heat shrinkable packaging objects. (Which can be contracted according to the customer set the size of items)
  Product Name:PE film shrink packaging machines
  Description: dedicated to the contraction of mineral water and other PE film packaging, and cooling fan, used to achieve the best effect of contraction.
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