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Linear Automatic Liquid Filling Machine RG6T-6G

Main Purpose:
. The filling machine widely used in Japan, such as the oil industry, filling different liquid products.

Technical Parameters:
. Filling speed 60-100 bottle / min
. Filling ? ± 1% accuracy
. Current 3A.
. Power 220/110V 50/60Hz
. 500 W power
. 0.4-0.6 MPa pressure
. Optional models 5-60 ml 10-125ml 25-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 250-2500ml 500-5000ml

Principle Features:
. RG6T-6G filling machine similar foreign products in the reference on the basis of improved design, and to increase some additional features.
. In the use of the product operation, the accuracy of error, capacity adjustments, equipment cleaning, maintenance, and other aspects of a more simple and easy.
. The aircraft design compact, concise aesthetic appearance, filling in convenient adjustment.
. Filling the first six aircraft from six-cylinder drive, filling materials more quickly and accurately.
. FESTO by Germany, Taiwan AirTac aerodynamic components and Taiwan and Taiwan amounted to the electronic control components, performance and   stability.
. Some contact materials are used 316 L stainless steel materials.
. Filling Machine-eye devices Korean, Taiwan PLC, touch screen, Drives and France electrical components.
. Facilitate adjustment, not a bottle filling, filling a number of accurate and functional.
. Drawing and using anti-drip filling Mentou, anti-high foam products filling landing system to ensure that the mouth of the bottle and positioning Positioning   System Level Control System.


      This equipment is automatically filling machinery, production speed, suitable for mass-scale production of enterprises to use. Washing can be matching, screw-capped, labeling, Penma, packaging, sealing a no linkage of filling production lines; this equipment has the advantage of filling a straight line, you can apply a variety of standard format, adjustments to facilitate the avoidance Maintaining design, measurement methods used piston volume filling, continuous, long-lasting and stable. Equipment used high-quality 304 stainless steel frame building materials, parts and materials used contacts 316 L stainless steel production, durable. Can adapt to a variety of chemicals, pharmaceuticals containing corrosive materials such as filling.
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